Litchfield Fall Gathering

You don't want to miss this concert as we join our friends the Chosen Ones and the Wanda Mountain Boys for one great night of gospel music in Litchfield Illinois.  No tickets are required for this free community event.  



Special annoucement from Robyn Mackey


For almost 26 years I have had the honor and privilege of sharing the stage and ministry with the most amazing people. There are so many wonderful memories from the very beginning on 10/10/1991 when I received the call inviting me to join the group until current day.
I have so enjoyed getting to know and cherish becoming close friends with so many other singers and group members over the years, as well as all of the concert goers that have encouraged and lifted us up in prayer and support.

The Redemptions are not only a ministry but also a close knit family. I have felt welcomed into the families of all of them and have had the privilege of watching their families grow.

I have not and never will lose my love or desire to see the ministry go forward. However, I feel there is a new journey ahead for Tom and me and that God has another plan for our life. With that being said at the end of March I will be resigning my position as alto singer with The Redemptions. Please be in prayer for the group as they move forward and please be in prayer for Tom and me as we move forward. We are relocating to Texas the first of April.

With much Love,



Former baritone Justin Hoagland gives his farewell performance on this patriotic tune written by Bill Nash.  We're proud to live in the greatest country on earth and proud to be Flag Wavers.